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We cook tomatoes for the winter at home

Delicious, sweet tomatoes are cooked at home.
My favorite recipe, invented myself, changed it from year to year. To date, he is such

Bulgarian pepper with garlic for the winter

Bulgarian pepper with garlic for the winter will perfectly cope with the role of an independent snack and perfectly complement the taste of almost any basic dish.

Lard in brine appetizing

For a long time I was looking for such a recipe for fat in brine, and baked bacon is even better! A fabless product, it’s worth having this bacon recipe baked in your notebook.

Marinated mackerel (Cooking at home quickly)

How to Cook Marinated mackerel:

Step 1.

The simplest recipe will describe quickly and simply. The last time I cooked 2 mackerels, however, they were both large, but all the other ingredients of the dish I proportionally reduced in quantity.


First you need to choose the right fat. It can be homogeneous or have meat layers. In any case, you should check the product before direct salting.

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