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Lavash with ham and cheese

I advise you to take note of a delicious dish — pita bread with ham and cheese, which you can easily prepare for a snack. Lavash allows you to keep the shape of the dish, and when roasting it turns into an insanely delicious and crispy crust.

Baked sandwiches with egg and ham

These delicious, nutritious and very comfortable sandwiches can be prepared in the oven, and on the grill, and in the nature on the charcoal fire.

Sandwich of Monte Cristo

All 4 slices of bread grease or mayonnaise, or mustard. We slice 2 slices. We put cheese on top of the slicer. (In a «two-story» variant, another slice of bread is put between the ham and the cheese.)

Eggs with caviar

This gorgeous snack is very simple and easy to prepare. You need to boil as many eggs as you want to get the pairs of boats.

Club Sandwich

In a frying pan fry the slices of bread on one side. On the not toasty side we smear mayonnaise.
We put cheese and bacon on top, then meat.

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