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Hot lavash appetizer

This unusual crispy snack from lavash will please you with its taste, and especially those who are not indifferent to chebureks.

Appetizer of mushrooms and chicken

So, fry mushrooms with onions until ready, chicken fillet boil in salted water, hard boiled eggs. We cut finely chicken fillets, eggs three on a large grater.

Appetizer from lavash — 13 options of filling

Expand the pita bread (thin), put on the filling and roll up rolls or envelopes. Allow to soak for 30 minutes.
Put on a plate and decorate with greens. You can cut into slices.
Stuffings for pita bread:

Appetizer from Georgian Lavash

Appetizer from Georgian Lavash INGREDIENTS: ● thin lavash ● pepper, ● tomatoes, ● cucumbers, ● greens, ● pickled cucumbers, ● chicken breast, ● ham, ● sausage cheese ● mayonnaise

Baked Tomatoes with Meat Recipe

At tomatoes to cut off tops and by means of a spoon to take a core which then it is necessary to cut and add in forcemeat. To give softness and unique aroma, add minced chopped onions, garlic and thyme, and also tomato pulp, which you will have left.

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