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Julien in the tartlets at home

Expand on the tartlets.
Sprinkle grated cheese over the top and bake in the oven until a crust is formed (10-15 minutes).

Coconut cheesecake with pineapple slices

Drain the pineapples (if using canned) and finely chop.
Mix the cheese with the powdered sugar. Stroke eggs after mixing each

Sour cream cake, freebie

Once again, beat the creamy curd mixture to a homogeneous mass.
Rectangular deep baking dish is covered with foil or food film.

Toffees for free

To cook the toffee at home is very easy, relying on this surprisingly simple and freebie recipe, you can easily cook everything, without problems on melted milk.

Hazelnut-wafer sweets

It’s just a fairy tale, sweet homemade treats hazelnut-waffle sweets, which your children will be happy about, so what adults say will want to try this homemade treat.

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