Chebureks with cheese

Chebureks with cheese


— 3 stacks. Flour;
— 1 glass of warm water;
— some salt; Butter for lubrication.
— 150 g of brynza;
— 1 bunch of greens any (I usually have parsley);
— salt.


From flour, salt and water knead soft elastic dough, roll into a ball and cover with a napkin, let stand for 15 minutes. Cut the greens, salt and mash with a fork, then mix with crumbled cheese. The finished dough is divided into 8 (approximately) parts. Each roll out, stretching, into a thin flat cake. Half a cake to lay out the filling, cover the second half of the flat cake, connect the edges of the dough. Bake the cheburets on a dry hot frying pan, then grease with oil and fold with a slide.

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