Cheese cakes with ham and mushrooms

Cheese cakes with ham and mushrooms


-Mook — two glasses,
Kefir — one glass,
— salt — 0,5 hl.polyki,
-sahar — 0,5 hl.polyki,
-soda — 0,5 hl.polyki,
-frozen cheese-one glass,
-Huge — 250 g.
-1/2 cans of canned champignons


In kefir add salt, sugar, soda, mix well. Add cheese
Solid varieties and flour. Mix well. The resulting dough is divided into koloboks, roll out a small cake (you can fry so). Ham (if there is no ham, then you can use sausage, sausages) grate on a large grater. Chop onion finely or half-rings, fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Add mushrooms and ham, fry for a few minutes. Put stuffing on the cake. Connect the edges and roll out a little. Fry in a pre-heated frying pan on refined oil from both sides on medium heat, covering with a lid.

You can use different types of cheese.

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