Chic julienne in large shells

Chic julienne in large shells

Now I will show you the excellent recipe for cooking julienne in large shells, the way is simply gorgeous. This is a simple recipe and at the same time a very tasty dish, especially since it does not require a lot of ingredients.


1 chicken breast
400 gr. Champignons
1 large onion
100 gr. Hard cheese
3 tablespoons Sour cream


1. Filling: thin chopped chicken, onions, mushrooms. Onion to salted on olive or vegetable oil until the transparency + meat and after 4-5 min + mushrooms + salt + pepper. Fry until the moisture evaporates from the mushrooms, add sour cream, stew min. 5. The filling is ready.

2. Preparation: Shells boil, fold in a colander and allow to cool slightly, so that you can take it in your hands. We take a spoonful of stuffing and stuff each shell, «covering» with grated cheese. For bruising stuffed shells put in the oven.

Bon Appetit!

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