Chicken chops with cheese

Chicken chops with cheese

How to cook chicken with cheese?


chicken breast — 500 g
cheese — 150g
eggs — 2 pieces
mayonnaise — 3 tbsp
flour — 3 tbsp.
dill, salt, pepper, oil for frying.


1. Cut the chicken breast into small portions. Fight off, salt and pepper. Leave to stand a little.

2.Otdelno in a dish we mix eggs, mayonnaise, flour, greens. We add a little salt and pepper.
We rub the cheese on the grater.

3.On each piece of beaten meat, use a spoon to impose our egg mixture.
Spread on the hot pan with egg sauce to the bottom.

4.Top out the cheese.
Then gently pour the chop sauce with a spoonful.

5.Fry from both sides until ready.

Served with your favorite side dish.

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