Chicken in Pepper (Tasty dish)

Chicken in Pepper (Tasty dish)


— 4-5 Bulgarian peppers (large)
— chicken fillet
— 2-3 tomatoes (small)
— green onion
— dill
— 2 tbsp. spoons of yogurt without flavoring
— 100-150 gr of hard cheese
— Spices
— salt
— pepper


1. First we clean the peppers from the entrails. Only it is necessary to leave the tails, so that inside there was more space for the filling, which we will fill each half. Of course, it’s better if you still took the big peppers, then the portions will be bigger. But you can also make more peppers, but with small portions of meat.

2. For the filling, chicken fillets must be cut into small pieces, approximately 1 × 1 cm. It will be more convenient to apply minced meat to the halves of peppers.

3. Separately we process tomatoes. First you need to separate the skin. To do this, boil the water and put the tomatoes in it for about a minute. Then take out the tomatoes, they quickly cool down and you can very easily peel off. Cut the already peeled tomatoes into small cubes, about 0.5 × 0.5 cm, no longer needed.

4. Separately chop the green onions and parsley.

5. Now you have to mix the whole mince together. So, mix chopped chicken fillet, chopped tomatoes and greens. Add salt, pepper and extra spices to taste. There, add 2 spoons of yogurt without additives. All carefully mix.

6. Now, on the baking tray, on which the chicken will be cooked in pepper, we put half the pepper. In each half we impose a ready-made filling with chicken.

7. We set for 30 minutes in a heated oven for 180-200 degrees.

8. After 30 minutes, take out the baking sheet and sprinkle each pepper with grated cheese. We put another 10 minutes — we wait for the cheese to melt and form a crust.

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