Chicken rolls in bacon

Chicken rolls in bacon


Chicken breasts or peeled fillets — 2 pcs.
1 box of Almette cheese cream cheese (can be any other)
Red bell pepper (I can sometimes do without pepper and prunes or pickled cucumbers) — 2 pcs.
Finely chopped parsley — 1 tablespoon with a slide
Finely chopped dill — 1 st.lozhka with a slide
Smoked or fresh bacon — 8 slices
Salt and black pepper to taste


1. Cut each halve of chicken fillet with a sharp knife along two plastic pieces. If you try, you can and three, then the rolls will be smaller and more careful, but we are arranged and such. Sliced ​​fillets should be slightly discarded and salt-pepper to taste.
2. Fleshki with a thin layer of cheese cheese. My peppers, we clean and cut a small cube.
3. Sprinkle each fillet with diced peppers and a pinch of crushed greenery and fold with a tight roll. 4. Each roll is wrapped with a strip of bacon. Oven heat up to 180 degrees.
5. The mold for baking is lightly lubricated with vegetable oil and we put rolls in it (it is better to take the shape so that the meat lies more tightly).
6. We send the form to the heated oven for 30 minutes.

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