Chicken stew in marinade

Chicken stew in marinade

Stew prepared with the help of miracle equipment, turns out juicy, fragrant and delicious.
The shelf life of such chicken stew is about 3 months.

Chicken gutted fresh — about 5 kg
Salt — to taste, about 1 teaspoon per 1 kg of chicken
Bay leaf — to taste
Pepper black peas — to taste
Water — ½ cup

Cut the chicken into pieces, carving the bones, removing the skin and separating the bony parts of the carcass of the type (spine, neck, wings). Subsequently, all this is useful for broth. Small bones can be left on the pulp, they can easily be removed from the prepared stew.

Pieces of chicken pulp wash with cold water, pour into a colander and patch each piece with paper towels in order to remove excess moisture.

Carefully sterilize the clean jars and lids intended for harvesting stew. Sterilization of cans can be done with steam or a dry method in the oven. Boil the lids.

Fold the prepared chicken into the bowl of the multivark, adding a little water. Set the «Quenching» mode and cook for 4 hours. Approximately 1 hour before the end of quenching, add the laurel leaf, peppercorns and salt to the bowl of the multivarka.

Hot chicken meat with a tablespoon or scoop spread in sterile jars, compacting so that the banks do not form voids. Along the way, remove small bones, which may have remained in the preparation of meat.

Cover the jars with lids, tightly seal, turn upside down and cover with a blanket until completely cooled, and then take it to a cool storage place.


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