Chinese cabbage salad with chicken

Chinese cabbage salad with chicken


Peking cabbage — 300 g (half a kilo)
Chicken fillet — 1 piece
Cucumber — 1 piece
Egg — 4 pieces
Green onions — 1 beam
Salt, pepper, mayonnaise


1. We set to boil the chicken fillet (for the aroma we add carrots, onions and bay leaf.) We then used soup for soup)
2. Shinch the Pekinese cabbage
3. Finely chop the green onions
4. Cucumber cut into strips
5. After our chicken fillet is opened, cut into small cubes. And as we boil the eggs and crumble them finely
6. We put everything in a salad bowl, stir, salt and pepper
7. We fill with mayonnaise and serve portionwise.

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