Cooking a delicious pie quickly

Cooking a delicious pie quickly


100 grams of butter
3 eggs
300 grams of flour
1 cup of sugar
1 glass of sour cream
3 bananas

Note, you only need three bananas for a pie, and the taste sensations will seem to be entirely of bananas!


1. Turn on the oven while it’s warming up — make a short pastry. First, the proteins were separated from the yolks. Take 3 yolks, half a cup of sugar and melted butter. Mix everything well and add flour. The dough should turn out pretty dense. Take him to the refrigerator, but for now prepare the bananas.

2. Cut bananas in circles, you can lightly sprinkle them with vanilla sugar for an even more interesting flavor.

3. Smooth the dough by the diameter of the baking dish. Do not forget to lubricate the form with oil beforehand so that the cake does not stick.

4. On top of the dough, cut the bananas cut into slices, smear them with sour cream. It is important that the sour cream is rather fatty and not sour. Correct its taste with the addition of sugar, vanilla, coconut shavings, sugar powder.

5. Send the base of the cake to the oven for 20 minutes. While the cake is baked, from the remaining 3 proteins and half a glass of sugar, make an air cream. It is necessary to whip the whites thoroughly and for a long time so that everything will turn out right, about 10 minutes.

6. Get the almost ready cake and pour over the whipped protein. You can decorate it with the remaining bananas, almond flakes, candied fruits — what is near at hand and what is more like it. Place the cake in the oven for three minutes.

The pie is ready! It is beautiful both warm and chilled. As you can see, the recipe is really simple, in addition, you can vary it at will — add nuts, dried fruits, chocolate chips, pieces of marmalade … Enjoy this amazing dessert!

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