Cooking home Briisol

Cooking home Briisol

I thought, what would such a delicious cook for the arrival of her husband … And decided to make a briol …
Brosol is minced, fried in an egg … It can wrap any stuffing … It’s soooo tasty!


— minced beef — 800 grams,
— mayonnaise — 200 g,
— large tomatoes — 2 pcs.,
— garlic — 3-4 cloves,
— eggs — 10 pieces,
— vegetable oil for frying,
— greens, salt, pepper


Minced meat through a meat grinder 2-3 times, add salt, pepper and one egg

Well kneaded

Minced meat divided into 10-13 balls

Egg whipped beat (immediately 10 do not whisk, start with 7, then, if that, add)

We take two sheets of cellophane, on one of them we put one portion of minced meat, cover another sheet from above. We smooth out the mince with a knife in a thin cake.

This is a very convenient way. Such a result can not be achieved with a rolling pin. And even if you roll out, then you will not get to the frying pan …

In a flat plate, pour out a little beaten egg.

Remove the top layer of cellophane from minced meat

and turn it over to the plate with the egg. Remove the last layer of cellophane and leave it for the next portion.

Pour a small glass on the hot pan. butter and carefully lay out the mince with the egg. You can help hand if the minced meat sticks to the plate

Fry on the one hand over medium heat.

Turn the stuffing down and fry the other side.

Spread on the dish with the egg down.

Lubricate mayonnaise with garlic, you can ketchup, sprinkle with cheese (if you like), tomatoes, I also added fresh cucumber and onions.

Fold carefully with rolls.

In order not to open, you can tie up like me (onions) or prick with a toothpick

Bon Appetit!

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