Cooking Placinds

Cooking Placinds

The dough is prepared very quickly, the fillings are also uncomplicated. And what’s delicious, do not even doubt it.


-Kefir — 0,5 liters.
-Muka-700 gr.
-Egg — 1 pc.
— Disintegrator — 1 tsp.


We pour the flour into a spacious dish, we make a groove in it, into which we pour kefir, egg, salt, baking powder, mix together and with flour. We get a pretty gentle dough. The dough is placed in a bowl, covered with a lid and put the rest for 30 minutes (you can and for the night in the refrigerator)
While the dough is resting, we prepare the filling.

The filling can be different, for example:
— Adyghe cheese + salt + raw egg.
— Green onion + boiled egg.
— stewed cabbage + black pepper ground + raw eggs.
— mashed potatoes + fried onion + black pepper ground.

The dough is cut into approximately 5 identical parts. The table is sprinkled with flour, each part is first kneaded to the size of a small tea saucer, then rolled out with a rolling pin into a larger circle.

Put the filling in the center of the circle and begin to collect the edges of the cake to the middle in the likeness of the rays, (trying to squeeze out the air as much as possible) until all the edges of the dough are gathered in the center.

We turn the placanda with the torn side down, press it down with your hand and give it the shape of a cake. We put placinda in a well heated with a sunflower-seeded frying pan fried side down and hand carefully distribute the entire diameter of the frying pan.

You can mold placinda on the table and then gently transfer it to a hot pan.
Fry on medium heat for 3-4 minutes, turn the placanda with a spatula and fry the next side 3-4 minutes before the ruddy color.

Each platsindu lubricate with butter on one side and stack on top of each other.

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