Cooking salad with chanterelles

Cooking salad with chanterelles

The structure includes:

Two fillets of chicken breast,
Three pickled cucumbers,
Two hundred grams of Korean carrots,
Two hundred grams of cheese,
Two small cloves of garlic,
And also mayonnaise and greens to taste (greens to your liking).


Chicken breast fillet boil in salted water, then cool and cut into strips.
Cut cucumbers as small as possible with straws, and grate the cheese on a large grater.
Garlic is passed through a special hand press and combined with mayonnaise.

This salad can be served in a common salad bowl, and can be done portion by piece.

If served in a salad bowl: Mix the fillets, cheese, cucumbers and carrots, season with mayonnaise and mix.
If served for servings, then it is necessary to lay out layers in kremanki, wine glasses or glasses and add mayonnaise between the layers.
All is ready.

Bon Appetit!

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