Cottage cheese peat pie

Cottage cheese peat pie


Wheat flour — 400 g.
Butter — 250 g.
Cottage cheese — 500 g.
Cocoa powder — 4 tbsp.
Eggs — 4 pieces
Sugar — 350 g.
Vanilla sugar — 1 pack
Starch — 3 tablespoons
Sour cream — 100 g.


1. To make a pie, we need flour, cocoa powder, starch, cottage cheese, eggs, sugar, butter, sour cream, vanilla sugar
2.Remember the butter, add 150 g of sugar and grind
3. Mix cocoa with flour and rub with sugar mass until crumbs. Set the shape with baking paper and pour out half of the breadcrumbs
4. Prepare the filling: mix the cottage cheese with the remaining sugar and vanilla sugar, add eggs and sour cream, Blend with a blender until smooth, then add starch
5. Pour the curd mixture over the chocolate chips
6.From the top with the remaining crumb.
7. Bake the cake 45 minutes in a preheated oven at 190 degrees

Bon Appetit!

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