Crab salad with oranges

Crab salad with oranges


-Crab sticks — 7 pcs.
-A orange — 1 pc.
-Solder canned corn — 4 tbsp. L.
-Eggs — 3 pieces.
-Gar-1 tooth


1. Cut the crab sticks in cubes — in half lengthwise and crosswise into several pieces.

2. Boil the eggs to a hard-boiled condition. Clean them and cut them into cubes.

3 Peel the orange from the peel, remove the seeds and tape. Slice the orange into cubes. 4 Peel the garlic and cut it as finely as possible. To do this, crush it with a knife, laid on garlic flattened, and then chop. 5 Mix all ingredients, salt and season with mayonnaise. 6 Crab salad with oranges ready! Serve it, decorating with a twig of parsley or dill. Bon Appetit!

Bon Appetit!

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