Creamy soup with rice and mushrooms

Creamy soup with rice and mushrooms


4 chicken lids (or other chicken meat);
2 tbsp. Spoons of olive (sunflower) oil;
400 g of white champignons;
1 medium carrot;
1 medium onion;
1 tbsp. A spoonful of flour;
Salt, black ground pepper — to taste;
2.5 liters of water;
1 mullet round rice (I have — «Krasnodar»);
2/3 cup of cream (sour cream);
1 bay leaf;
A handful of sliced ​​green fresh parsley.


Wash chicken in flowing water. Wings cut in half (if using other meat, cut into small pieces). Turn the multivarker into the «Frying» mode and add olive oil to the pan.

Allow the saucepan to warm slightly and fry the chicken wings for 6-8 minutes on each side. Clean and wash the onions and carrots, cut them into semi-circles (or finely) and add to the pan.

Fry together with chicken, often stirring, for another 10 minutes. Wash the mushrooms, dry them a little and cut them into plates. Add the mushrooms to the pan and fry them all together until the water evaporates completely, until the mushrooms begin to acquire a golden color (about 10-12 minutes).

Add a spoonful of flour to the pan, mix everything. Pour a thin trickle into the cream saucepan, stir. Season the soup with salt and pepper. Rinse rice and add it to the pan, pour hot water.

Turn on the «Quenching» mode for 45 minutes.
At the end of the program, add a bay leaf and finely chopped parsley to the pan and let the soup infuse for another 10-15 minutes under the lid.

Put the soup on the table, add a little green parsley to each plate.

Bon Appetit!

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