Curds dessert

Curds dessert


— Curd 300 gr,
— Sour cream 150 gr,
— Sugar 2 tbsp. a spoon,
— Gelatin 1 tbsp. a spoon,
— Canned peaches,
— Banana 1 piece,
— Kiwi 1 piece,
— Milk 100 ml.


1. Add the sour cream and sugar to the cottage cheese.
2. Beat the curd mass with a blender.
3. Fruits clean and cut into circles, and then in half, you can in four parts.
4. Gelatin pour 100 ml of milk and allow time to swell.
5. Put the gelatin on the fire and warm until completely dissolved (do not boil).
6. Pour into the curd mixture and mix well.
7. Put a layer of fruit in the form. Pour cottage cheese and again lay out a layer of fruit. So repeat as many as necessary.
8. The last in the curd cheese dessert should be a layer with curd mass.
9. Decorate with chocolate chips or light cream.
10. Dessert cottage cheese put in the refrigerator for half an hour to cool.

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