Dagestan tortilla with stuffing

Dagestan tortilla with stuffing

Dagestan dish, or rather Avar! Is a thin flat cake with a filling … These tortillas are especially tasty in hot form (only with a heat with a heat).

It will take:
500 ml of sour milk (I have yogurt)
Soda 1 teaspoon quicklime
A little salt

The filling can be any, here:
Potatoes, fried to transparent onion on a plant. Oil, salt, pepper (black), herbs (parsley, dill).

Pour kefir into the cup. Began to gradually add flour, stirring with a spoon. I added soda and salt, mix well. When it is difficult to interfere with a spoon … … put it all on a table, sprinkled with flour, start kneading the dough, adding flour. The dough should be mixed for a long time until it stops sticking to the hands and the table (15 minutes) Leave to lie on the table for 30 minutes

The filling today is potatoes, fried onion to the onion. Oil, salt, pepper (black), herbs (parsley, dill). Cut (or tear off) a piece of dough, roll it into a bob

Roll out the lozenge and put the fillings (by volume as much as the dough)
Protect everything at the top, flatten a little and carefully roll it into a thin flat cake (about 1.5-2 mm). Where the bow looks outside, it’s not at all scary

Take in hands and put on a dry heated frying pan. Air bubbles if there will be, too, do not pay attention, then they will be blown away. Fry from two sides. Strongly do not need to rouge! After frying the cake in the frying pan, the burnt flour was left

She brushed the towel and the frying pan clean again. We will immediately heat the flat cake with oil from two (!) Sides. Such thin things should turn out! Stacked it all upside down
And then cut into 4 parts.

Tasty with compote! Bon Appetit!

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