Delicate cake

Delicate cake

The cake was called «Gentle» because it had been smeared with a very delicate protein-oil cream. This cream is probably the most fatty and the most delicate of all the oil that I tried.

Let’s start:

For cream ingredients:

● Proteins — 2 pcs.
● sugar — 125 g
● vanilla sugar — a sachet


Proteins, sugar and vanilla sugar put in a cup

In a saucepan, pour so much water that the bottom of the cup does not reach the water. Put on the gas. As water boils, put our cup of protein and sugar and beat for 6-8 minutes at high speed, until the squirrels are entangled in a lush, strong mass
In the cooled cream add a piece of butter to taste (I have a gram of 50)
And again, we’ll take it to a homogeneous state
Let’s put the cream cool in the refrigerator.
The cream is ready! He has such a delicate creamy taste … mmmmmmmm, I like it!

The first thing we do is a biscuit. The recipe for a biscuit can be any you like.

I did this recipe:


● 6 eggs
● 2/3 tbsp. Sahara
● 1 tsp. vanillin
● 2/3 tbsp. flour
● 1/4 tbsp. starch


Separated yolks from proteins
Beat the proteins with a mixer until the foam
Immediately added half of sugar
and whipped to strong peaks
In the yolks added the remaining sugar and vanillin and beaten until the sugar dissolved
Flour and starch sifted into yolks
I added 1/3 of the whipped proteins and mixed gently
I introduced the remaining proteins
and just gently stirred by rotational movements
She put the dough on a baking tray (greased with oil)
I tried to give a flat surface
Baked until ready, checked the readiness of a toothpick, cut dry edges, then cut into 3 equal parts


If the biscuit is dry, soak it with something (sugar syrup, for example)

The syrup is prepared as follows:

● sugar — 130 g
● water — 120 g

Warm the water with sugar on the fire until the sugar dissolves
(do not need to boil). Cool and soak with this syrup biscuit.

Then you need to smear the bottom cake with any sour jam (but preferably fresh berries.)
And on top of the jam neatly cream it
From above put the next biscuit, and also: jam, cream
Then we put the last biscuit, which we spread only with cream (I only had enough cream on the biscuit floor, so I had to do a double portion of the cream!)
I cut it into cakes. On top decorated with the same cream … and a few drops of jam
If desired, you can attach these figures of white chocolate, then the cake will get a festive look

Making them simple:
Melt a piece of white chocolate on a water bath

If the chocolate is very thick, then add vegetable oil (odorless) and stir well. But know, the more vegetable oil, the chocolate is softer, then it will be problematic to strengthen it on the cake and they will sweat quickly, so that the oils are as small as possible, but better without it (if possible)
Then I turned the melted chocolate into a bag. I made a small hole on it (very small)
She laid a leaf on a tray and made these figures. At first I tried to impose chocolate on the drawn, but I got crooked, and then I drew them by hand. I do not advise the figures to be too thin, otherwise they will be fragile and will break. Do thicker, you can even 5 mm thick

Now, the tray with the figures will be removed into the freezer for 10-15 minutes (before solidification).
When frozen, I made an incision with a knife on the cakes and inserted figurines into it.
Mmmmmmmm ….. so tender, with a delicate creamy cream, with sourness (ie with jam, you can even without it, but then, it seems to me, it will be cloying, though … if the cream is put in moderation, I think it will be delicious too)
Keep refrigerated.


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