Eclairs with condensed milk

Eclairs with condensed milk

I never thought that eclairs are so simple! My husband was surprised why I had not cooked eclairs before. I kept thinking that it was difficult to cook such a good cook, but everything turned out very easily, and most importantly it was very tasty.  Now I cook them often, experimenting with fillings.

So, for the preparation, I took (preferably divided into 25 pieces):


Water — 1 t;
Butter — 100 g;
Eggs — 4 pieces;
Salt — pinch.
Flour — 150 g;

Condensed milk — 1 ban;

I took a small pot, poured water into it and added butter, a little salt. She brought it to a boil and added flour, stirring gently so that there were no lumps. I took another 2 minutes on the fire. The main thing that does not burn!

Having removed the received mass from fire, I quickly added all the eggs to it. After adding each egg, you need to thoroughly, but briefly mix the mixture. As a result, the mass should be homogeneous.

I laid a tray in parchment and oiled it with sunflower oil. Using a tablespoon, I spread the eclairs on a baking tray, trying to give everyone the same size.

She heated the oven to 175 degrees and baked eclairs about 35-45 minutes before blushing. Finished eclairs, I took out of the oven, gave them a little cool. Making small incisions, I with the help of a teaspoon filled them with stuffing — boiled condensed milk.

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