Fruit tartare

Fruit tartare


150-200 g strawberries and raspberries
2 large very ripe kiwi
250 ml whipping cream
100 g mascarpone or other cream cheese
Natural vanilla sugar on the tip of the knife
Powdered sugar and mint
For sauce:

100 g of raspberry
100 g of sugar


For sauce, mix raspberries with sugar in a saucepan, put on medium heat, bring to a boil, wipe through a sieve, cool. For cream, whip the cream in a firm foam. Mix mascarpone with whipped cream, seasoning with vanilla sugar.

Strawberries are cut into 6-8 slices, a large raspberry cut in half. Kiwi is peeled and cut into cubes with a side of 1.5 cm. Make 4 servings, laying fruits and cream in the chef’s ring layers.
While cleaning the ring, pour raspberry sauce.
For such tartar, you can choose other combinations of seasonal fruits that you have at hand: peaches, plums, dense pears. Do not use only watermelons and melons — they will very quickly flow and destroy the entire structure.

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