Georgian Ojahuri

Georgian Ojahuri

How to cook Georgian Ojahuri?

Just delicious!


pork (neck) 250 g
potatoes 50 g
onion 3 g
garlic 90 ml
vegetable oil 90 g
greens (dill and basil)


From Georgian «Ojahuri» is translated as «family» — that is, a dish intended for the whole family. It is not difficult to prepare it. The first step is to prepare the ingredients. Garlic clean. Peel the potatoes, cut them large. Finely chop the greens. Pork cut into slices.

1. Pour the vegetable oil over the heated frying pan.
2. Put the pork out.
3. Fry the meat until golden brown.
4. Cut the onions into half rings.
5. Add the onions in a frying pan to the pork.
6. Fry potatoes in deep-fried, sprinkle with salt and put into a frying pan to pork with onions.
7. Stir.
8. Cut the garlic into thin plates.
9. Then chop the straw.
10. Add the garlic in the frying pan to the meat and potatoes.
11. Add spices.
12. Add a little chopped greens.
13. Add the tomato cut into thin slices, mix.
14. Carefully lay out the ojahuri on plates.
Advice! In the best Georgian traditions — serve ojahuri on ketsi, clay or stone frying pan.
15. Sprinkle with herbs.

Done! Bon Appetit

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