Goulash from pork, freebie

Goulash from pork, freebie

We need:

• Pork — ½ kg;
• Carrots and onions — 1 piece each;
• Water — 2 cups;
• Flour — 3 tablespoons;
• Bay leaf;
• Vegetable oil refined;

• Step one: check the availability of all the ingredients, prepare the multivark.

• Step two: pork, wash, chop, cut into small pieces. We pour a small amount of vegetable oil into the multivariate bowl. Put the prepared meat into the bowl.

• Step three: add the carrots worn on a large grater, and the diced onions.

• Step four: close the multivark cover, put the «Hot» mode, cook for 20-30 minutes. Then add the flour, diluted with water, top up the remaining water, put the bay leaf.

• Step five: mix the contents of the bowl well, close the lid again, set the «Quenching» mode for an hour. Try, if the meat turned harsh — we increase the time of extinguishing.

• Step Six: we serve with any side dish (pasta, potato porridge, stewed vegetables.

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