Gourmand salad at home

Gourmand salad at home

Very popular delicious layered salad, consisting, as it were, of three different salads. It occurs under different names. I liked it — Gourmand.

Products for salad:

— 1 boiled and peeled beetroot
— 100 g of peeled nuts
— 2 cooked and peeled carrots
— 100g raisins pour warm water, then dry on a napkin)
— 150g of hard cheese
— 2 cloves of garlic
— salt and pepper
— 200g of mayonnaise

Beets, carrots and cheese three on a large grater in separate plates. Beets interfere with chopped walnuts, salt and pepper. Carrots interfere with raisins, salt. Cheese is disturbed with crushed garlic.

First, put the carrot in a salad bowl with raisins and grease with mayonnaise. Then grated cheese with garlic, greased with mayonnaise.

Top — beets with nuts and cover with the remaining mayonnaise. We decorate with greens. Let’s let the salad steep in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

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