Grandmother’s thin pancakes on milk

Grandmother’s thin pancakes on milk


— 3 glasses of flour
— 4 glasses of milk
— 2 eggs
— 0,5 glasses of cream
— 5 tablespoons of butter
— 50 g of sunflower oil
— 3 tablespoons of sugar
— 0.5 tablespoon of salt


Before using flour must be sifted. We add eggs, sugar and salt. Pour 2 cups of milk and mix until smooth. In the finished test there should be no lumps. Add cream to the dough. We put the butter on the water bath until it is liquid and put it into the dough. Butter should not be hot!

The dough should be a density of sour cream, so that it spreads beautifully on the bottom of the pan, but not too liquid. Bake thin pancakes on both sides in a frying pan, smeared with a few drops of sunflower oil.

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