Gypsy schnitzel

Gypsy schnitzel


— Cheese hard — 200 g
— ham — 100 g
— eggs — 2 pcs.
-meat for breading.


1. Cheese and ham cut not thick slices.
Schnitzel is made up of 5 layers.

2. On a slice of cheese, put a slice of ham, again cheese, then ham and cheese.

3. We pan in flour, then abundantly crumble in a loose egg (do not save the egg), again in flour and again in the egg.

4. Immediately put on the pan.

5. Fry on a previously well heated frying pan with butter one time on each side until you get a nice crusty crust.

6. Immediately submit to the table.


This dish is very convenient for breakfast or for urgent cooking hot snacks.
Similarly, the «Schnitzel in Roman» is made from cheese. A slice of very hard cheese (straight from the refrigerator) 1 cm thick roll in flour, then abundantly in the egg, generously veneer in wheat crumbs or thinly cut strips of fresh white bread (there should be a lot of breadcrumbs). Briefly fry on each side on a pre-heated frying pan with butter.

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