Hello from childhood cocktail

Hello from childhood cocktail

This, in fact, is not even a recipe, if you have a blender to make such a cocktail — it’s five minutes, just wanted a little ponostalgirovat, well, once the digicam was at hand — at the same time and put the pictures
We will need:
* Blender
* Ice cream
* Milk
* Fruit for taste at will

The beauty of this action is that you can vary the ingredients as you like: you can take a clean plombier and add fruit, and you can take already a fruit ice cream and just shake with milk. In this case, it appears to be pure kilogram plombir and kiwi as a flavoring filler.
We put the pieces of the filling into the container and mix it until it is homogeneous:

Pour in the milk again thoroughly mixed.
Throw kiwi so that they drown instantly. The last time we get in the way.
As a result, the output turned out about half a liter of cocktail, for two — with his head to get drunk.

PS How delicious thing — kiwi — just like that, «live» and what a pretty tangible bitterness these two halves in the cocktail gave you Try and decide to put more familiar bananas — that’s where the excellent taste turns out!

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