Herring with potatoes

Herring with potatoes

Herring with potatoes on the festive table

A classic combination — herring with potatoes, can become an ornament of any festive table, if you include fantasy and beautifully submit it.

While it is very easy to cook this dish, except that the difficulty is caused by the cutting of herring, but if you buy already prepared herring in jars, then this problem will disappear.

Large, the same size tubers are cooked in the skin until half-ready. When the potatoes cool, it is cleaned, cut off the top and take out the core with a spoon, leaving the edges thicker so that the potatoes do not crumble.

Combine the vegetable oil, mustard and vinegar, add black pepper.
In this mixture marinate cut into small cubes herring and then stuffed with potatoes.

That’s all.

It remains only to lay out the potatoes on a dish and decorate with greens.

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