Home Shaurma

Home Shaurma


Lavash — 3 large leaves
Meat (pulp) — 400g
Fresh cabbage — 200 g
Cucumbers — 4 pieces
Tomatoes — 2 pieces
Mayonnaise — to taste
Ketchup or sauce — to taste
Salt, pepper, curry seasoning
Garlic — 2 cloves

Preparation of Homemade Shawarma

Let’s start preparing shawarma from the preparation of the ingredients for the filling. We will wash the meat, lightly we will cut it and cut it into small pieces of strips.

In a warmed dry frying pan we put the cut meat, add the curry seasoning and fry until golden brown. At the end of the cooking, add salt and pepper.

Cut the cabbage into thin straws and squeeze it a little with salt.

Cucumbers cut into thin strips.

We cut the tomatoes into thin plates.

Now start laying the stuffing. We will expand pita bread and smear it with mayonnaise and ketchup, add mulled shredded or squeezed garlic.

One side of the pita is laid meat, from above carefully sprinkle with cabbage.

Then spread the cucumber «herringbone».

From above put a few slices of tomatoes.

We first fold the long edges of the pita bread, and then completely roll it into a roll.

Let’s warm slightly in a dry frying pan on both sides.

Home shaurma ready33; It’s better to eat it right away. If you leave the shawarma in the fridge, it should be heated in a microwave or in a frying pan before use.

Pleasant apitite.

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