Home sherbet

Home sherbet

We need:
0.5 liter. — sour cream (fat content does not matter much),
1 kg. — Sugar,
200 g. — condensing. Mol. (Not boiled) or molasses,
Nuts — 500 gr. (Any, for your taste) I added peanuts, vanillin-2 sachets and a pinch of salt.

Let’s start.
Prepare nuts. Preliminary they must be roasted (I do it in the microwave).

In the enameled container lay sugar, sour cream, salt and mix, then put on medium heat and cook constantly stirring until golden brown (ie as it begins to darken) to put out thickening. Milk and nuts without stopping stirring. Cook until the color that you are more comfortable (I was a little undercooked), he turned out to be this color.

Vanillin is added at the end of cooking and poured on silicone molds, those who do not have silicone, do not be afraid, any frying pan and or dish grease with sunflower oil and boldly pour out.

Enjoy your tea!

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