Homemade lacy sausage

Homemade lacy sausage

Love sausage, but buy it with caution? This is not surprising, if you read the composition. The thought of making sausages at home seems unworkable, and when you say «guts» you are shivering? Then this simple recipe is for you!

Oh, how many experiments were conducted, while I began to cook sausage just like that. And since I was overcome with real excitement, there was always a lot of sausage in the fridge! I suggest you the simplest version of the available products. Do not ignore the spices, they give the same sausage spirit. Such sausage can safely be given even to small children.

And cook homemade sausages no longer than cutlets.

From a full portion, about 1 kg of sausage is obtained.

It is necessary:

In order to cook this sausage you will need a food processor or blender, which grinds the products to the state of the paste.

The basis:

Chicken fillet * — 500 g (this is about one average chicken)
Milk — 400 g
Egg — 1 pc.
Starch — 40 g (~ 2 tbsp with a large slide)
Garlic — 7-8 teeth
Salt — 2 tsp.
Sugar — 0.5 tsp.

Black pepper — 0,3 tsp.
Coriander — 0,3 tsp.
Nutmeg — 0.3 tsp.
Cardamom — 0.3 tsp.

* You can take 250 g of chicken fillet + 250 g of pork or 250 g of fillet + 250 g of flesh from the chicken thigh


Cut the fillet into pieces.

Put in the bowl of the combine and grind, gradually adding all the ingredients in random order. Milk is best poured in pieces, but not immediately. Garlic pre-crushed or finely chopped to ensure that it is crushed.

It should be a snow-white homogeneous mass.

(Pictured without spices)

Lubricate the mugs.

For everything to go well, follow two rules: put mugs in cold or warm, but not hot water, and do not use family porcelain.

I used regular ceramic mugs-cylinders repeatedly and painlessly for them. If you are worried, take metal mugs, enameled or aluminum.

Put the sausage mass on 4/5 of the mug.

Wrap each mug with food film. It is necessary that the film is wrapped a couple of times and the top, and the bottom, so the sausage does not jump out, but she still can seek to escape.

We put mugs with sausage in a saucepan.

At the bottom, you need to put a lattice or tissue napkin, so that the cups do not directly touch the bottom. Pour water to about half a mug. Put the pan on the fire, cover it with a lid.

We bring to boiling water and we detect from this moment 35 minutes.

After a while turn off the fire and take out the mugs. Caution!

Look, I was already able to remove the film, that is, the circles are a little bit cold, but the temperature of the sausage is close to 100 degrees. So do not be afraid, everything is perfectly cooked.

As soon as more cool, shake out the sausage from the mugs.

It is better to do this while it is still warm, I had a situation when sausage cooled in a mug stuck to the bottom.

For storage, I put the sausage in bags and clean it in the refrigerator.

Well, that she is white, because it’s still beautiful!

By the way, I tried to add beetroot juice to get a pink color, but when it’s cooked it gets discolored, so I quit this thing.

This recipe can be the basis for culinary creativity.

Add mushrooms, greens, olives, sweet pepper, grated cheese to the mass — and you have a new sausage every time!

Here is the greenery and a little sweet Bulgarian pepper. A stuffing with pork 50:50.

And how delicious it is in fried form!

Bon Appetit!

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