Homemade yogurt

Homemade yogurt

Everyone knows that yogurt is very healthy. And so the different types of yogurt in our stores are full. But…
In some culinary recipes, there is an ingredient such as natural unsweetened yogurt.
And where to get it — that’s the question …

With various fillers or sweet yogurt — please — everywhere there is, but natural, and even unsweet — try to find it!
Therefore, let’s do it on your own, especially since it will be very easy to do this.

You will need a regular 1-liter thermos, boiled milk (1 liter.) And yogurt starter (1 sachet or 1 bottle), which you can buy at a supermarket or at a pharmacy.


Boil the usual milk for 5 minutes, and then cool to t˚ = 35-45˚ C.
If you bought super-pasteurized milk, then it’s enough just to warm it up to this temperature (35-45˚ C).

Yogurt starter from the sachet is dissolved in 2 tbsp. L. Boiled water. If you have leaven in a bottle, then pour the boiled water into the bottle and shake the contents until the ferment dissolves completely.

Dissolve the ferment in the milk and mix well.

Then pour into the thermos milk with leaven and soak for 6-9 hours — until the milk rushes, gaining a thick consistency. That’s all — your yogurt is ready!

Pour the resulting yogurt into a suitable container, put in the refrigerator, and, when you want — drink to your health!
Just remember that the shelf life of natural yogurt in the refrigerator — no more than 2 days.

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