How to cook Raffaello house

How to cook Raffaello house


evaporated milk — 1 jar
butter — 1 packet (200 g)
sugar vanilla (you can brandy) — to taste
coconut shaving — 200 g
almonds — 1 glass


1. Soften the butter at room temperature with a fork.

2. Mix the oil with the condensed milk, add vanillin (or cognac) and half (100 g) of coconut chips.

3. Mass thoroughly beat until smooth cream is obtained.

4. Obtained cream to clean in the refrigerator for a day. In a day, get a thickened cream and start forming candy.

5.To do this you need to take the cream with a teaspoon, remove the spoon with a knife with a rounded end, roll the balls out of the cream, inside which place on the almond nut.

6. Finished sweets roll in the remaining coconut shavings (100 g) and put on a dish or put in a beautiful box. Put in the refrigerator.

7. Give the candy should be chilled, as at room temperature they can thwart (but do not have time, because they instantly disappear.

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