Italian curd biscuits

Italian curd biscuits


● 250 g of wheat flour;
● 230 g of cottage cheese;
● 130 g of butter;
● 0.5 cups of sugar;
● 1 tsp. Vanilla sugar;
● 0.5 tsp. Soda.

Preparation of Italian curd biscuits:

Combine the sifted flour with the butter, cut into cubes. Pour vanilla sugar into the dough, add ground cottage cheese and soda.

Mix the dough, make sure it does not get sticky. Roll out a thin crust 3 mm thick, cut out a round shaped cookie. On the one hand, dip the circles into sugar and fold the biscuits so that the sugar part is inside.

Once again dunk the dough into sugar. Bake cookies for 30 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.
You can not refuse such a cookie even in the summer!
Not only with tea, but also in combination with fresh berries, the cookie reveals its excellent taste.

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