Lagman-Uzbek thick soup

Lagman-Uzbek thick soup

Beef or lamb — 0,5 kg.
Thin long noodles or spaghetti — 0,5 kg.
Onion — two pcs.
Carrots — two pcs.
Potatoes are two pcs.
Pepper is sweet Bulgarian.
Garlic — three denticles
Green for your taste
Ground black pepper
Red pepper (paprika)
Vegetable oil

1. The cooking of the lagman may seem tricky only at first glance, it is very simple (to the primitive) in cooking the dish. Especially if you do not cook homemade noodles. 2. Look, you will find good noodles on sale, now there is nothing in stores.
3. As always, first we need hot water.
4. Cut the meat into small pieces.
5. The onion of the onion.
6. We cut the carrots and potatoes into cubes.
7. Garlic finely chopped.
8. Sweet pancake can be cut directly with seeds.
9.In a saucepan or cauldron we pour vegetable oil, fry until ready meat.
10. Add the onion to the fried meat, stir and lightly fry.
11.Clay into the pan potatoes, carrots, peppers, garlic and also all fry, stirring constantly.
12. Then pour boiling water so that the water covers the vegetables.
13. Solim, pepper and cook on low heat until ready.
14. Lapshu boil in a large amount of salted water (it is clear that we immediately take boiling water) and throw it back in a colander.
By the way, we do not break noodles, but cook whole.
15.In the deep plates impose a portion of noodles and fill with gravy, add the broth at will.
Sprinkle on top with finely chopped greens.
Who already tried, knows that lagman — it’s very tasty!

Bon Appetit!

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