Lavash with ham and cheese

Lavash with ham and cheese

I advise you to take note of a delicious dish — pita bread with ham and cheese, which you can easily prepare for a snack. Lavash allows you to keep the shape of the dish, and when roasting it turns into an insanely delicious and crispy crust.


• thin lavash — 1 piece
• onion — 4 pieces
• sweet Bulgarian pepper — 1 piece
• sausages (ham) — 4 pieces (300 g)
• salted or pickled cucumber — 1 piece
• Hard cheese — 100 grams
• chicken egg — 2 pieces
• milk — 2 tablespoons
• ketchup — 2 tablespoons
• sour cream or mayonnaise — 100 grams
• vegetable oil for frying
• table salt to taste.

4 onions cut into cubes and salted in oil until the ray is soft, add to the onions 2 tablespoons of ketchup (I have tomatoes in my own juice), cut into 1 large sweet red pepper, cut into cubes 4 pieces of sausages, 1 small cucumber, also a cube, grate 100 grams of cheese (I have Russian), salt to taste, 100 grams of sour cream (can be mayonnaise). Mix everything and put it on one sheet of pita bread and roll it with rolls and cut. Drive into the bowl 2 eggs and add 2 tablespoons of milk, salt and shake. Soak well in the milk and egg mixture and fry in vegetable (and olive oil), on a quiet fire. Pita bread with ham and cheese is ready!

Well, very tasty!

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