Lazy Achma

Lazy Achma


Thin lavash — 7 sheets (the size is like a pan)
Adyghe cheese — 500 gr.
Russian cheese — 500 gr.
Eggs — 6 pcs.
Milk — 0,7 liters.
Greens — dill, coriander


1.Syr rubbing on a large grater, add eggs, a little salt, finely chopped greens and milk, mix well.
2.On the baking sheet we spread the layer of lavash, cover it with our filling, cover with the next layer, etc.
3.We leave a couple of tablespoons of filling filling, and put the collected acm in the warmed up to 180 gr. Oven for 20-30 minutes.
4.For a couple of minutes until ready, cover the top layer with the remaining stuffing and let it brown.
A little chilled achmu-laziness is cut into small portions.

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