Lemon sour cream

Lemon sour cream


Cottage cheese — 300 g
Eggs — 2 pcs.
Lemon candied fruits — 2 tbsp.
Sugar — 100 g
Groats of semolina — 3 tablespoons
Lemons — 1 pc.
Butter — 1.5 tbsp.
Salt — 1 pinch


1. We send cottage cheese and eggs, sprinkled with salt, to the food processor.
2. In the received dough it is necessary to put sugar crumb and a crumb of candied fruits from a lemon.
3. In a total mass we pour out the flour and the mango and mix the dough.
4. Hands and we make cheese cakes and we pour them in a bowl with flour.
5. Fry syrniki in oil and put it on a plate.

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