Light cake with strawberries and chocolate

Light cake with strawberries and chocolate

I love quick and easy recipes. Decided to share the recipe of the cake. So, for the test:
-1 can of condensed milk,
-3 eggs,
-1 teaspoon of soda with vinegar or lemon juice.
-1.5 cups of flour. (you can add cocoa)

All mixed, poured into a mold and into the oven 200-250 degrees for 20-30 minutes. By the way, this dough is good for a roll too — on a greased sheet of baking paper, we spread thinly the dough, and then bake it and we cover it with a damp towel, it will cool down for 10-15 minutes with cream and curtail the roll.

Well and further flight of imagination — sour cream, or cottage cheese, or custard, or oil, or mereng — to whom as it is pleasant it is possible more possible to sprinkle powdered sugar.

We also decorate as you like.

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