Mackerel hot smoked freebie

Mackerel hot smoked freebie


Mackerel — 1 piece
Salt — 1/3 teaspoons
Black pepper powder — 1/6 teaspoons
Spices — to taste
Liquid smoke — 2 tablespoons


Indeed, my husband, having tried the mackerel prepared by me, did not believe that I did not buy it. So it turned out delicious and tender. The fragrance is simply awesome. Yes, and presentable, even a piece did not fall off. And all the wonder machine! Try and you. Mackerel hot smoked «How to shop» in a multivariate is prepared simply, and eaten quickly.

1. Smash the carcass of mackerel under the water, let it drain.

2. Then sprinkle it with salt and spices.

3. Carefully rub them.

4. At the end, water our fish with liquid smoke.

5. Take a bag for baking.

6. We put our mackerel in it.

7. In a bowl multivarki pour about one liter of hot water.

8. Put a bag of fish in a container designed for steaming

9. Turn on the «Steam» mode for twenty minutes.

10. After that we take out the container, and put the fish in the bag on the bottom of the bowl.

11. Turn on the «Baking» mode.

12. Twenty minutes later our hot smoked mackerel «As from the store» is ready in the multivariate.

13. We take it out, let it cool down, take it out of the bag and enjoy it.

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