Meat pie from Armenian lavash

Meat pie from Armenian lavash

Quick pie from pita bread (and do not put dough!)
Pie turns juicy and delicious-tasty


• Lavash thin
• Meat (Any .. or stuffing) — 400 g
• Carrots — 1 piece
• Bulb onions
• Greenery
• Kefir — 1,5 stack.
Egg — 1 piece
• Cheese (solid) — 200 g

Preparation of Meat Pie from Armenian Lavash

We grind meat on a combine .. or we pass through a meat grinder, we fry minced meat

The cooled minced meat is mixed with greens and grated cheese.
Lay out the form pita bread. We spread the lavash with the overlap on the sides of the form.

And put half of the stuffing in pita bread.
Kefir stir with egg … Rvem pita on the part .. we dip into kefir.

Pieces of lavash soaked in kefir mnem and spread crumpled for minced meat
From above … to crushed pieces of pita bread … the remaining stuffing …
Then cover it all with whole lavashi ..

Lubricate our cake on top of the remaining yogurt … and put a few plastics of butter.

We send the cake to the oven for 15 -20 minutes.
We bake at a temperature of 240.

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