Moroccan punkeys

Moroccan punkeys

The most unusual pancakes I have baked
Yeast, on the manga. Bake only on one side.

Recipes are a lot of different kinds. Including eggs or yolks only. I chose this:

400 g of small manga,
100 g of wheat flour,
1 yolk,
2 tablespoons olive oil,
1 tsp. Salt,
1/2 tsp Dry yeast,
400 ml of milk (warm),
400 ml of water (warm).
It is also recommended to add a baking powder. But, his role in the presence of yeast is not entirely clear to me. Therefore, I did without baking powder.

Mix the mixer with all the dry ingredients, then add the liquid and mix well, for about three minutes.

Put the dough in a warm place. It is convenient to dip the bowl with the test in a basin with warm water. For 1.5 hours.

Then gently mix the spoon and after 30 minutes it can be baked. Do not bother with the dough. Grease the frying pan with vegetable oil, if necessary.

Pour the dough into the center and slightly tilt the frying pan from side to side, to give the dough a shape of a mug. There is no need to thinly distribute the dough throughout the bottom. Pancake begins to become holey.

As soon as the surface ceases to be wet, we prepare two more minutes, without turning over !!!

Bake in medium heat. On hard fire, the dough will not have time to rise and the pancake can be burned from below.

When serving, pour a mixture of melted butter and honey.

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