Muffins with cabbage on yogurt

Muffins with cabbage on yogurt


The dough was kneaded in the evening
Cabbage-250 gr.
Egg-3 pcs.
Soda (to extinguish in vinegar) -0.5 tsp.
Kefir-3 table.
Mayonnaise-1 table.
Flour-2 table.
Copts. Sausage-50 g.
Oil of plant-1 table.
Salt (pinch)


1. Cabbage finely chopped + salt, pozhikkat + sausage.
2.All the rest well shake with a blender, add cabbage, mix well.
3. Put the cabbage in the molds (silicone). Mass.Prepare pr 220 (up to a rustic crust). You can eat with sour cream. Bon Appetit!

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