Omelette in Catalan

Omelette in Catalan


Eggs — 3 pcs.
Milk — 2 tbsp.
Ham, cheese, tomatoes (or any other ingredients)
Salt pepper


1. Whisk the eggs with milk, add salt, pepper to taste. Cut the ingredients for the filling.
In a frying pan melt a piece of butter, pour 2/3 omelet weight. Add stuffing.
2. As soon as the omelet lightly browns on one side, lightly pressing, we begin to fold it into the tube to the middle.
3. Then move the rolled omelet into the center of the frying pan, pour the remaining mass and bring it to the ready (to such a consistency that it was possible to continue folding the omelet). Thus, it will be equal 4. Cut the omelet into pieces. Omelette is delicious both hot and cold.

Bon Appetit!

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