Almond baskets with a custard fruit cream

Pour the portion into the yolks, mix and pour back to the rest of the milk. Return to medium heat until thickened with constant stirring. Remove from heat, mix thoroughly. Return to fire again for 1 minute. Pour the cream in a flat dish with the sides and cool.
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Shrimp in orange peel

Mix orange jam and juice of one orange. Cut the chili peppers in rings, having cleaned the grain well. Then marinate the prawns in this marinade for 15-20 minutes.
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Hot Port with Prunes and Orange

Add pepper and orange peel to the wine. (Fragrant pepper can be preheated in a dry frying pan). Turn the wine over low heat to almost boil.
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Cooking home Briisol

I thought, what would such a delicious cook for the arrival of her husband … And decided to make a briol …
Brosol is minced, fried in an egg … It can wrap any stuffing … It’s soooo tasty!
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Smoked pie with chicken and mushrooms

During this time, cut the chicken, greens and mushrooms, grate the cheese a little. Half the dough is put in a mold, put stuffing on it and pour the second half of the dough.
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