How to cook chateau potatoes

And yet, how to cook Chateau potatoes? There is a proto-solution to this question, just repeat after me, that is, for my recipe for a freebie. Potato Chateau turns rosy and pleasant to the taste.
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Quick cherry pie home

Pre-discard the cherry in the colander, give a good drain of liquid, then mix it a little with the starch or flour, if frozen, do not defrost and pour starch
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Toffees for free

To cook the toffee at home is very easy, relying on this surprisingly simple and freebie recipe, you can easily cook everything, without problems on melted milk.
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Homemade lacy sausage

Love lace sausage, but buy it with caution? This is not surprising, if you read the composition. The thought of making sausages at home seems unworkable, and when you say «guts» you are shivering? Then this simple recipe is for you!
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Salad mushroom glade

An excellent, versatile salad Mushroom glade, suitable for any celebration or simple feast. Prepare at home easily and with pleasure. All is simple, and the main salad turns out to be rich and nutritious, the main thing is not to overeat.
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