The most delicate cake

Cooking cream: Put all the products for the cream in a cold bowl of the mixer and beat for 3-4 minutes until the mixture becomes dense. Assembling the cake: Biscuit cool it and leave it for a day. Cut into 3 pieces and drizzle with tea every cake.
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Tender pancakes with milk

We all love pancakes very much and therefore try to cook the most delicious pancakes on milk. Also, you can use not fat cream or yogurt instead of milk, but they need to be diluted not with a lot of water (chilled boiled water).
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Pasta with chicken, vegetables and cream sauce

Ideal pasta for families with children! Multicolored, tasty, nutritious, useful, economical! The original recipe is not complicated, the main thing is to observe consistency, cook quickly, do not over-dry the chicken, and do not over-extinguish the vegetables.
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Potato-shaped boats in uniform

The potatoes are good for mine and boil in a uniform, we cool and clean.
Next, cut each potato in half along and gently take out the pulp with a spoon from the middle.
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Cake Rainbow Meeting

Whisk the softened butter and cream cheese with the mixer for 6-8 minutes. Add the powdered sugar and whisk for another 6-8 minutes until light, airy.
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