How to cook meat in French

The recipe for cooking a popular meat dish using chicken minced meat. In fact, we cook the same meat in French, but instead of chop meat we use chicken mince.
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Salad of chicken breast and grapefruit

Fry the chicken fillet and cut it (preferably without oil in a non-stick frying pan, or greasing a conventional frying pan with olive oil with a paper towel).
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Chicken with vegetables

Chicken breasts to clean, rinse and cut into portions (2 — 3 cm)
Piece chicken pieces cook with a couple of warm water or put out on low heat
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Chicken in yogurt

Mix the yogurt with salt, pepper and curry. In the cooked marinade, put chicken fillets, put marinade for an hour in a cool place.
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Salad with beef, tomatoes and eggs

Boil beef cut into strips. Leaves of lettuce tear.
For sauce: mix the oil, vinegar, mustard, add garlic squeezed through garlic, salt, pepper.
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