Zephyr Vanilla

Apples to grind in puree (we need about 300 g of mashed potatoes).
There should be no lumps (you can wipe the apples through a sieve).
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Chicken nuggets

Cut the meat from the bones and cut into small pieces.
Each piece of salt, pepper and crumble in flour.
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Lazy dumplings

We knead the dough from flour, eggs, water, and grows oils and salts. Cover with a wet towel and let it stand for about an hour.
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Cutlets of stealth

Fry the cutlets in a well-heated oil on a hot skillet. If you like, you can use ground bread crumbs or flour as breading.
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Schnitzel with egg

Minced meat is cooked the same way as on cutlets. First, soak the milk in a roll. Rolls, as you know, for stuffing, you need to take the hard, otherwise ready schnitzel will sour.
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